What good would wings be...

PhotoTonic is involved in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival(from 1st October) with two sets of poses in different theme: Hanging trees and Eternal Dreams. The Eternal Dreams set is composed by four single poses (commons) and three couple poses (rare).

  Eternal Dreams / Rare 2 

Eternal Drems  / rare 1

Also [The Forge] and Luas are involved in this amazing event. The Forge comes with a special headpiece; in the first photo i'm wearing the gold one, but you can win it in bronze, noir and moonfall. See the photo below to have a better idea of it*winks*

Finally, the skirt and collar are one rare set by Luas, called Redemption Jewels, this is in black but the other rares are in white and silver also. Every set included also upper arm bracelets.


... If you couldn't feel the wind on your face?


  1. Oh wow these are amazing!! Thank you for blogging the poses and making these amazing pictures!

    1. Thanks to you for make so beautiful poses!!