Review Policy

Hello designers and store owners, if you like my blog, my style and my work, i will be more than happy to accept review copies.

1. First of all, i don't post quality review, simple i blog what i like, what fits my style (most of all my taste) and sometime i will write about my personal opinions. In all blog posts i add slurls, special info about sale, news.

2. Absolutely, i don't blog shapes, but use my own.

3. I also give credits to poses i used for every images, so yes, i blog about animations.

4. Blog post and photos request time, so i try to do my best to blog events and new release in the right time.

P.S: i try to keep always a real aspect and colors of items and skins, but sometime i play with windlight so, i add also a raw shot about style or items.

If you are interested, contact me:

- Inworld: Giada Brentley (IMs or Notecards)

- Send me an email at

- My Facebook

- My Flickr

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