Always in love with the fashion and the different looks available in Second Life, i decided to start this blog to share credits about the stuff i use in the pics.

Veil of Maya is a blog where you can find all type of styles: urban, vintage, roleplay, glamour, etc.

My eyes are usually by IKON, shape made by me and lashes from Redgrave or MonCheri.

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  1. Email: shannellemovil@gmail.com

    Hi good morning.
      My name is Shannelle and have a small store clothes in Second Life.

       No I plan to make big money, the building is more than a hobby for me XD capital search.

        So most of my products are at low cost and I would like to tell what's new in your group, if that's okay.

      Tell me I should do.
       My store is based around really, I do SL clothes, dresses, medieval, articles of Gor, Necklaces ... etc XD.

       I await your reply, thanks