But she told me... [Geisha Dreams@FGC]

Just one week to the beginning of Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!. The event will be themed: all the sim will have an Halloween look. Geisha Drems is one of the store involved in the gacha event and it will be present with a fantastic collection of kimono and japanese items.

The kimono set comes with ao and obi included and is a rare item while the black kimono(kuro) is the ultrarare item. The kimono is in mesh and comes with alpha layer.

The pocchiri and the headpiece are part of the collection, called Dimensional Witch, inspirated by a mysterious woman figure, special and magical. The cute flexi headpiece is a rare item for the gacha event. The pocchiri i'm wearing is one of the fourteen common that you can win playing gacha.


Headpiece   GD*GACHA* Majo - headpiece - Gold    rare

Pocchiri    GD*Gacha* Pocchiri - Jigokucho -Crystal Gold    rare

Kimono     GD*GACHA* Majo - Furisode  / rare

TP to event (available from 1st Oct.!!)


Other items

Hair, hair ornaments, geta sandals    hO wEAr    Tokyo Rose

Skin   Glam Affair

Eyes    IKON

... I was like water. Water can carve its way through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path."


  1. Just beautiful. The photography is just....well there are just no words to describe the incredible photography.

    1. Violette, thank you so much, i really appreciate your comment :)