Vagabond Warrior

On 4th October we'll start another great round of We<3Roleplay. There will be involved around 50 designers! So stay tuned for upcoming preview and other info.

However, items of September's round are available till some days yet. One of the most cute nd perfect for gorean style or simple for warrior, it's the Vagabond outfit by Kahli Designs. It included boots, and it's sold at 40% in two version: brown/black and grey/black.

The wings on my head are part oh gacha items by APHORISM for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival(opens Tomorrow!). They are rare as the headpiece by The Forge, that is also a rare item for the event.


Headpiece      [The Forge]     Boadicea's Headpieces   rare @FGC

Wings     !APHORISM! Rare Head Wings  @ FGC

Hair    Eaters Coma   gift

Tunic, pants, boots     {KD} Kahli Designs - Vagabond - Brown/Black @ We<3RP!

Sword     [EZ] Wrath's Conviction (Bronze) 

Bracers     [The Forge]    Daerwen Armour


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