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Enchantment - part 2 - Junbug, a i s l i n g , Birdy

At midnight on the 1st November, Enchantment Event will open to the Enchantment Update Group which will have early access as a perk of being a member of the group. At noon on the 1st of Nov, the event will open to the general public. 

Here a preview of some items. The beautiful gown in mesh is the release by Junbug, always so elegant and stunning. The dress is available in several colors for the corset. The skin is the release by Birdy, called Snow, it is available in three tone skin, the one i'm wearing is Porcelaine; for each tones there are three different make ups: normal, kisses, poisoned. Finally, the cute apple i have on head and on mouth is a release by .a i s l i n g. for Enchantment. It is sold in three versions: deadly, crunch and yummy.

Enchantment's Items

Skin      .Birdy.     Snow

Apple(necklace,head,mouth)      . a i s l i n g .     Yummy Apple

Dress      *{Junbug}*       Snow White  / royal

Other items

Hair         [Castellian]    Chloe Hair       New

Poses     .ploom.  



Some news by Axix and DRD!


Skin    Belleza

Hood      :: Axix :: Voodoo Hood   70L  @ Gorean Room(from tomorrow)

Armor      Death Row Design      DRD armor  New

Panties      [geek.]     Hermit =MUD= (top included)   @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (last day!)

 Pose (1st and 2nd photo)     *Ty'd and True*      Lavindia     



Enchantment - A magical shopping experience

Something beautiful will start on 1st November: Enchantment.

Enchantment is an event that centers around fairy tales, where each new round a fairy tale is chosen and new and exclusive items are created by participating designers.  It will cycle every 3 months with the first installment beginning November 1st.  The first fairy tale to be featured is Grimm's Snow White.  The items available are new and exclusive which means that in this form they will NOT be available ever again.

The sim is truly beautiful, all inspired by the Snow White's fairytale. Below a shot to show you how much this sim is beautiful!

Click on the photo to see better

Mmmm... Is that a castle? Maybe*winks*. I can't show more! I'll follow this event so you can find some news in the nest post till Thursday.

Now some cute items from several designers!

The cute dress in mesh is a release by Death Row Designer, it's include also the hairstyle. The dress is available also in a bloody and more dark version. La Petite Morte created a perfect skin to re-create the Snow White style, a limited edition that comes with: lolas, slink, lush and louth mouth lips applier. Then, the skin is wearable in four options: no brows, with brows, cleavage and no cleavage (the brows you see in the photo were added by me in editing session, you can see the skin without brows in the last photo).

The skin is available also in kids version. The cute ring in the photo is the release for Enchantment by Mad', available in two versions: normal or crunch+worms, with different colors, inspired by the deadly apple but also to the red apple, as the one i wore. 

Enchantment's items

Skin      La Petite Morte      Snow White

Dress&Hairstyle     DRD      White As Snow / mesh

Ring          Mad'    La Pomme Amour 

Other credits

Flat     * TD Templates * (Pink) Ladies MESH Zipped Ribbon Flats

Poses     Axix      Nymph

Huntsman: I can't... I can't do it! Forgive me. I beg of Your Highness, forgive me.
Snow White: Why, I don't understand.
Huntsman: She's mad! Jealous of you! She'll stop at nothing!
Snow White: But... But who?
Huntsman: The Queen!
Snow White: The Queen?
Huntsman: Now, quick, child, run! Run away, hide! In the woods, anywhere! Never come back! Now go! Go! Run! Run! Hide!

P.S: LM will be post on 1st November! 

Autumn Blossom

Swallow released a new set of headpiece for the new round of The Dressing Room Fusion. The headress is called Flower Power and is available in three colora: red, pink and purple.

Last days of Bitacora Travel Fair! One of the brands involved in it, it's Sassy!, with a cute elegant dress "Autumn Blossom", in mesh and available in different colors with the same flowers pattern.


Skin     Glam Affair

Headpiece     Swallow     Flower Power   @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Dress      Sassy!    Autumn Blossom    @ Bitacora Travel Fair (till 31th Oct.)

Belt     COCO

Pose     .ploom.

See also on Siren Production:



Sexy Love [New pose by Rack Poses and some new stuffs]

New couple pose by Rack Poses. It is called Sexy Love and, as the name said*winks*, comes with the metal fence included.

The look i wore is composed by the new bodysuit by Sassy for The Azz Show! Unfortunaly, i riceveid it late so the event is finished, but you can find it at the mainstore. It also included Lolas applier, as well Phat Azz applier!


Bodysuit      Sassy!     UnzipMe

Shorts    [Castellian]

On uppearm      [geek.] Playing Operation -CastleV. Bat    @ Perfect Wardrobe

Bangle     (r)M ~ Bangles w/ Ring & Nails (Silver) 75% SALE

Pose (first photo)     Rack Poses     Sexy Love     New

Poses      *Ty'd and True Poses*     Amanda



It's an hard work be a witch!

The sleeping witch...

The cute mesh broom is included in the beautiful new pose by Kuro In Motion, perfect for the upcoming Halloween. The pose is also available in "no sleeping mode" called Daydreaming Witch.

The outfit, included the hat, is a new release by Provocation; it is in mesh and comes in several size; it's wearable with open chest for a sexy version. Another amazing item are the boots by .{5&20}. for the Horrorfest, available in different colors. Then, all the poses i used in the three last photos are part of the release by elephante poses for the Horrorfest also, plus the face make up.


Skin     Glam Affair   Leah

Face tattoo      //elephante poses//    Broken Gacha / 7 rare @ Horrorfest 2013

Hair    Truth     Jodie

Outfit(sleeves, hat, dress)    [Provocation]     Witch  / included socks   New

Ring     Cute Poison     Graveyard ring @ Horrorfest 2013

Necklace    Cute Poison    Horror Necklace / the phantom @ Horrorfest 2013

Boots     .{5&20}.     Maleficent Boots @ Horrorfest 2013

Pose(first photo)    Kuro In Motion     Sleeping Witch     New

Poses (2nd,3rd, 4th)    //elephante poses//      Witchcraft   @ Horrorfest 2013

Big kiss,


Black Bride

Six days to Halloween, and here another dark look i created with some items from Horrorfest and other goodies on the grid. One of the beautiful goodies is the October's group gift by Finesmith. The group is free to join. The name of the headpiece is Black Bride, inspiring me a dark look as a witch or a damned soul.

Senzafine is involved in the Horrorfest with some cute items, one of them is the dress i wore to create this style. It is called Arachne, beautiful, especially for who love the roleplay being a magician or like a medieval look. It is available also in other shades.

While, the necklace is by .:ellabella:., available in three colors matching with three different eyes style. Below all the credits!


Skin      Glam Affair     Vera - Horror edition GIFT

Hair     Liquence

Eyeshadows     The Plastik    Foxxe Makeups  @ Horrorfest 2013

Headjewels     [Keystone] Witchy Jewels!    @ Horrorfest 2013

Dress       Senzafine      Arachne / peacock   @ Horrorfest 2013

Necklace (long)     .:ellabella:.     Night Necklace / mitosis  @ Horrorfest 2013

Eyes    .:ellabella:.    Phantasm Eyes / Ghost one  @ Horrorfest 2013

Collar     :[P]:- Dena'Ina Collar:// Labrador

Headpiece     FINESMITH     Black Bride / October group gift

Kisses to all, <3


Jamie Lee

Hello! So, Halloween is closer and this post is all themed about it! As i told you in the past days, Horrorfest is a great event dedicated to the theme, i created a crazy look, seem as a dark barbie, with some of the cute items you can find walking in the special sim of the fair.

Then, the pose set i used in the first photo it's a cute release by *Ty'd and True Poses*. The set is called Jamie Lee, comes with six poses, unisex, and a shadow prop (the hands of course!).


Skin    Glam Affair

Hair     [Castellian]    Rebecca Hair   New

 Dress     ..* LOULOU&CO *:. - Dress :: GINGER :: Skull @ Horrorfest2013

Collar      .:GSpot:. Decor Collar - dark tones @ Horrorfest2013

Make up     :[P]:-   Foxxe Make up / nightmare  @ Horrorfest2013

Hairpiece      [ bubble ] Skully Flower Hairpins  RARE @ Horrorfest2013

Boots    (r)M~(LegWarmer) Platform Boots ~ No.02 (Mesh)  75% SALE

HugPet      .:GSpot:. HUGOs! (gacha)   @ Horrorfest2013

Pose and prop(first photo)     *Ty'd and True*    Jamie Lee Poses

Mesh Hands     Slink    / relaxed

Hugs, <3

Boho Style [New by Axix Animations, Luas, Tentacio ]

A new week is started, and i'm here with a special new by Axix Animations. Ok, mmm i want to prey you to be gentle with me, i did a video of this cute item, it is my first video. I haven't NASA graphic card (lool) and i'm not expert, but i tried to do my best to show you this lovely AO.

Yes! Axix Animations released for the Boho Culture Fair 2013 an AO called "Boho AO", inspired by softly, relaxed and sexy movements.

The Boho AO includes 4 stands animations, turn right, turn left, jump, pre jump, hover, flying, ground sit, sit, crounch, walk, crounching walk... in total 20+ animations.
It is only available @ Boho Culture Fair for 800L, you can also buy single animations, each costs 50L.

Then, my top is available also at the event as new release by Luas for this Boho Fair. While my surfing necklace is a new item by Tentacio for the Bitacora Fair.


Top     Luas     Nuala / teal 45L @ The Boho Culture Fair 2013

Jeans     [LeeZu!]     Robin

Necklace     Tentacio     Bitacora Necklace  @ Bitacora Fair

Poses      Axix Animations    Boho AO

Boots   COCO   group gift

Lots of kisses, <3

Samhain Fall 2013

Samhain Fall 2013 opened its doors yesterday. It is a great event where 50+ designers sold their creations or some of them for 100L or less. One of this amazing brands is Sweet Lies.

At the event there is a lovely tunic that comes in dirty or simple options, in mesh, in several sizes. It is sold at 39L. There are also other creations by Sweet Lies, all sold in a good price! The Samhain Fall will be open till 31 October, so you have more days to not lose this cute event!


Skin    Glam Affair

Hair    LeLutka

Dress     Sweet Lies     Camila Outfit  39L @ Samhain Fair

Bangles and anklets     [The Forge]  Ailida's Bangles 

Belt       OrsiniSun    Collar&Belt    Sweet Sacrifice Orange   past FGC

Headpiece     ::SP::    Feater Duster / green rare  @ FGC

Poses      Axix     Nymph

Have a great night, :*

Maybe a female grinch!

Some goodies from the grid: The Plastik, ploom, Provocation and much more.


Skin     .ploom.     Harlowe    Nightshade (Group Gift)

Hairpiece    [Provocation]    Halloween group gift

Upper arm bracelets     :[P]:-Vandariel Armor:// Mancer

Hair    ^;^CaTwA^;^     Stella     recent release

Lipstick       Shakeup!Cosmetics - Chubby Lipsticks Fall Palette @ Cosmetic Fair

Dress     :[P]:-Insidious:// Deathy    October gift

Garter     [Provocation]      Group gift

Belt      *COCO*_WideWaistBelt_Black

Poses     label motion      Rumors

Big kiss, <3

Why don't you do right

OMG! It's what i said when i saw the new release by Catwa, in collaboration with Al Vulo!, a new full avatar inspired by one of my favorite character: Jessica Rabbit.

The pack includes 2 skins, slink and lolas applier, hair, gloves, shape, shoes, two dresses. The dress is in mesh and it's available in glitter version and no glitter version. However, i wore my own shape.

Full Avatar     ^;^CaTwA^;^       Jessica Rainbow    NEW

Other credits

Jewelry     Mandala
Poses     Focus Poses

Abi [New Skin by Zoul Creations and Horrorfest preview]

Ok! Horrorfest is so close, tonight it will be open. You will be surprise by the amazing creations from designers and from the beautiful ( very dark!) sim. This time i show you the cute mesh dress by SAKIDE, 50% donation, in black. It included also a collar and it is available in several colors, as red.

The ring is one of the gacha items from [CIRCA], i took a raw shot to show you how cute it is! This one is a rare, but there are also cute commons to win.

Also the open grave you see in the first photo is part of CIRCA items for the Horrorfest. It is in mesh and transfer, included two flying bats, a grave shovel, tombstone and a crow.

Then the faboulous skin i wore is a new release by Zoul Creations! The new arrive is called "Abi", available in seven different tones. I wore tone3, but, you know, i like to play with Photoshop, so the tone is a bit different from the original. However, i took snapshot of all others tones, no edited.

The lipstick and eyeshadow are part of the make up set for the skin, that is included in all tone. Each tone pack is sold at 990L and includes: six skins( cleavage and no cleavage option, no brows, light brows, dark brows), ten lipstick, ten eyeshadow.

Complete Credits

Skin     Zoul Creations     Abi / tone 3 / with lips06 eyeshadow07     New

Hair    Liquence

Face veil      *{Junbug}* Crush Rose Veil  / red / rare  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Necklace     *{Junbug}* Your Sweet Dragonfly Pendant / gold ruby   New

Dress     [SAKIDE]     Wilds Dress Black (50% Donation) @ Horrorfest2013

Bangles     [The Forge]  Ailida's Bangles  / gold   New

Ring     [CIRCA] "Fright Night" Macabre Rings - Gatcha /rare   @ Horrorfest2013

Belt     * May's Soul* Slave jewelry gold

Mesh Hands    Slink AvEnhance Hands Female - Relaxed

Open Grave      [CIRCA]   "Elysium" - Haunted Open Grave  @ Horrorfest2013

Have a great weekend! <3


Today May's Soul released a beautiful cape, perfect for a dark or gorean look. The Night Cape comes in five different sizes and is realized totally in mesh. The cape is sold at Gorean Room, that hold a new round with new items.

Then some items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival as the beautiful bracers by The Forge, rare, and the headpiece, last addition by Yasum!


Skin     Glam Affair

Eyeshadow     !Musa! Marcela / red  @ We<3RP

Hair      Liquence

Headpiece      Yasum*MESH*Vikings Fortune / Africa / ultra rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Cape    * May's Soul* Night Cape  @ Gorean Room

Bracers     [The Forge]     Viking Bracers / RARE @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Dress     .~The Library~. Lily - Red  @ We<3RP

Poses     PosESioN

Mesh Hands    Slink

Follow Me - Horrorfest is coming!

Hello! A big event is coming on 18th October. The Horrorfest! It will include gacha items, exclusive items, unique charity items, a cool hunt and lots of other things.

All donations and charity proceeds will be donate to The Epilepsy Therapy Project, you can read more about it here. Give a look to the project, it is a wonderful cause.

In the event are involved over 120 designers, some of them are GSpot, Death Row Designs, Vestigium, Squeek, matte, {Rue} and PhotoTonic. The couple poses, i used for take the "vampire" photos, are part of the new releases by PhotoTonic for this event. They are part of the Blood Lust set composed by four couple poses. For the entire items give a look on credits below*winks*

Horrorfest's items

Corset    .{Rue}. Threads/Dream Corset: Darkness Pack

Eyes     !matte     albino

Necklace    -DRD- Skeletonhands necklace

Cuffs     .:GSpot:. Monster cuffs pink and red

Tattoo     Vestigium - Death's Wisdom

Make up     Squeek!     the last minute costume / dark

Poses     ~{PhotoTonic}~ .Blood Lust

@ Horrorfest from 18th October!

Other credits

Skin     Glam Affair    Leah

Hair     Liquence

Pose    .ploom.

Skirt     The Plastik      Reverence skirt

"... No one could resist me, not even you."
"I tried."
... smiling "And the more you tried, the more i wanted you."

xoxo, Giada



Skin    Belleza

Hair    TRUTH

Outfit      Sweet Lies     Satine / red - included also boots    @ Bitacora Travel Fair

Collar&Ring     Swallow      Chic Collar, Chic Ring    @ L'accessoires

Pose(first photo)     Musa      Gown @ We<3RP

Pose, hat&ridingCrop     Rack Poses      RingLeader (dollarbie)

"... His eyes upon your face. 
His hand upon your hand.
His lips caress your skin.
It's more than i can stand!"

kisses, Giada