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Vagabond Warrior

On 4th October we'll start another great round of We<3Roleplay. There will be involved around 50 designers! So stay tuned for upcoming preview and other info.

However, items of September's round are available till some days yet. One of the most cute nd perfect for gorean style or simple for warrior, it's the Vagabond outfit by Kahli Designs. It included boots, and it's sold at 40% in two version: brown/black and grey/black.

The wings on my head are part oh gacha items by APHORISM for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival(opens Tomorrow!). They are rare as the headpiece by The Forge, that is also a rare item for the event.


Headpiece      [The Forge]     Boadicea's Headpieces   rare @FGC

Wings     !APHORISM! Rare Head Wings  @ FGC

Hair    Eaters Coma   gift

Tunic, pants, boots     {KD} Kahli Designs - Vagabond - Brown/Black @ We<3RP!

Sword     [EZ] Wrath's Conviction (Bronze) 

Bracers     [The Forge]    Daerwen Armour


Swallow @ TDRF

The Dressing Room Fusion is begin with another round two days ago. Swallow is involved in this rouns, as often, and it is present with an amazing set: Iside Jewel set. The set is composed by collar and headpiece, comes also in version for who wear Lolas mesh breast. It is available in silver and gold for 70L.

Collar & Headpiece      Swallow     Iside set @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Other credits

Skin     Glam Affair    Angelica / group gift (fee to join/30L)


This week May's Soul sells an amazing scarf for only 30L! It is available in white, black and grey, and it is also scripted with resize menu to change the size.

The beautiful dress in mesh that i wear in teal color, is part of the gacha rare items by The Library for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival. It is called Antigone, and it's availalble in several sizes.

Finally, the crown and the circlet i'm wearing are both part of gacha items by Junbug and SSD. 


Skin    Glam Affair
Hair    LeLutka
Eyes    IKON

Dress       The Library     Antigone  / teal / rare @ FGC(preview)

Scarf    May's Soul     Titania / black 30L for this weekend 

Circlet      SSD      Witch Circlet   /   nymphadora @ FGC(preview)

Crown     *{Junbug}*     Crush Rose Crown /  teal red @ FGC(preview)

Belt     +Mab+ Medieval Belt - Black

Tattoo     cStar Limited     gift for The Autumn Effect hunt


New recent release by Sweet Lies. The outfit is called Xena, inspired by a woman warrior, i'm wearing the black one that i find it gives more aggressive look.

The outfit is wearable also without pants, keeping on only the belt. It included boots, pants, panties, belt, bracelet, necklace. The shield is a rare item from the Country Shield by [SG] for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Also the bracer is a rare item by [The Forge] and the crown i'm wearing is a rare item by GSpot.


Skin     cStar  Limited     Xandra   / gift  The Autumn Effect Hunt (14 gifts!)

Hair     ( r ) M     No.13'13

Outfit      Sweet Lies     Xena Black Outfit     New

Headress      .:GSpot:.    La Rie / ultrarare / @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (1st. Oct)

Shield      [SG] Country Shields / Lucky shield / rare   @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (1st. Oct)

Bracer      [The Forge]      Viking Bracers / rare  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival (1st. Oct)

Gara [News by Luas&GSpot]

New cute release by Luas. A perfect dress for slave or gor dancers. The dress comes in five different sizes, with alpha layer, anklets and upper bracelets. It is included also a collar, in two version: the scripted and not scripted.

Also .:GSpot:. have new release. A new set of cuffs, so cute and perfect for gorean style. The one i'm wearing are the white edition. They are available in several colors, and they come also with the anklets, not showed here in the photos.


Skin     Belleza
Hair     ( r )M     Hair No 14'13

Dress, upper bracelet      Luas    Gara / included anklets, diadem, collar(scripted and not)   New

Cuffs      .:GSpot:.    Fashun cuffs gold white    New

Poses     :: Axix ::      Nymph (comes with basket, and others prop)


Lots of beautiful items are involved in the next  Fantasy Gacha Carnival! It will be a great event! One of the designer involved in the event is Stitched Gods. The amazing headress, by SG, is called Alfheim Corwn, and this is rare one. While the shield is the Albanian version, common item, and comes in two version(on back and on hand).

The dress is the gacha item by Peqe. The black one is a common color, while the rare are in gold and silver. It comes in five different sizes to fit all shapes. Also the armor is item of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. It is a creation by May's Soul and the black one with plumes is a rare edition.

Finally, Red Mint releases a new hairstyle, so long and beautiful Of course, they are in mesh and comes also for Lolas mesh breast lovers.


Skin    ( r )M ~ (Skin) Drow ~ No.12 ~ (1)CRANK
Hair    (r)M Hair No.12'13 ( o.7 F a n t a s y )     New

Dress    Peqe - Off-shoulder Gown_Black    @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival(1st Oct.)
Shoulder Armor    May's Soul    Suala(included a chain necklace)rare  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival(1st Oct.)

Collar     (r)M~Posture Collar > No.04

Crown        [SG] Alfheim Corwn  / legendary  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival(1st Oct.)

Shield     [SG]  Country Shields / Albanian  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival(1st Oct.)

Belt     *OAL*    Lucerne ~ Steel

Poses    ploom



Ok. I have to admit that i'm so in love with Japanese culture, as japanese items. Some post ago, i blogged about the beautiful rare of Geisha Dreams, involved  in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, this time i will show you the second prize: Maiougi. It is a fan, a special fan that is used by dancers.

The gold one, you see in the photo below, is a rare. All prize comes with two different version of fun, unscripted and scripted. With the scripted one you can write in local chat commands to close or open it. Fantasy Gacha Carnival will open on 1st October, so stay tuned! It's coming!

A touch of sensual mystery, it's the beautiful way they look. I combined them with an amazing dress by Bare Rose, that i love so much. It comes with three colors options: red, blue, black. In one pack*winks*

Finally, the skin. The skin i'm wearing is stunning, with sensual and sweet outlines. It is called Jahaira, by Swallow; you can buy it at The Season Story, till 10 Oct.


Skin      Swallow      Jahaira  / peach red  @ The Season Story

Dress     :::B@R:::    Kano

Fan     Geisha Dreams    Maiougi - Jigokucho B - Portal  @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Hair    LeLutka

Poses     Diesel Works & Musa



Skin    Amacci    Siri / nutmeg / ruby 02     recent release

Hair     Amacci     Misty    dark brown(you can wear it also without petal)    recent release

Earrings, floreal necklace    Finesmith      Summer Farewell     (september gift)

Bracelet     Finesmith     August Queen   (groupgift/fee to join)

Skirt with floreal belt     *SLAVE* Dressing Room

Pose first photo     PhotoTonic   A Hand To Hold   /single pose / New

Poses(others)      Diesel Works      September Gift

Little pink indian


Outfit included basket    OrsiniSun     Little Bird Pink  @ Gorean Room

Hair     [^.^Ayashi^.^]     Rioto    New

Poses     Diesel Works    September Gift(comes with 11 singles poses and five couples poses)

Mesh breast     Lolas


This beautiful outfit inspired by an angel figure, as you can see also in the name of the armor, is a creation by Bare Rose.

It is composed by armor pieces, horns, wings, body and boots. This is the female version, but it is available also a male version.


Outfit     :::B@R:::     Lucifer Armor (female version) also in male version

Skin    Glam Affair

Hair   [LeLutka]

Wheel Of Chaos


Skin    Al Vulo!
Hair     LoQ Hair    Syrah  / comes in 25 colors @ TDRF  

Body      May's Soul    celtic body / black
Armor       [The Forge]      Daerwen Armour / female / worn black

Weapon     PFC     Wheel Of Chaos

Face chains     . a i s l i n g .  Xanthe  / rare @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Pants    Panda Express   Cut at the Knee-Black (maybe no longer available)

Collar    ~Soedara~    Here Comes Wicked Red Decay

Boots    {KD}     already blogged

Poses    ::Axix::    Aria set

But she told me... [Geisha Dreams@FGC]

Just one week to the beginning of Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!. The event will be themed: all the sim will have an Halloween look. Geisha Drems is one of the store involved in the gacha event and it will be present with a fantastic collection of kimono and japanese items.

The kimono set comes with ao and obi included and is a rare item while the black kimono(kuro) is the ultrarare item. The kimono is in mesh and comes with alpha layer.

The pocchiri and the headpiece are part of the collection, called Dimensional Witch, inspirated by a mysterious woman figure, special and magical. The cute flexi headpiece is a rare item for the gacha event. The pocchiri i'm wearing is one of the fourteen common that you can win playing gacha.


Headpiece   GD*GACHA* Majo - headpiece - Gold    rare

Pocchiri    GD*Gacha* Pocchiri - Jigokucho -Crystal Gold    rare

Kimono     GD*GACHA* Majo - Furisode  / rare

TP to event (available from 1st Oct.!!)


Other items

Hair, hair ornaments, geta sandals    hO wEAr    Tokyo Rose

Skin   Glam Affair

Eyes    IKON

... I was like water. Water can carve its way through stone. And when trapped, water makes a new path."

Sexy Bunny

Provocation released a new costume all dedicated to bunny theme*winks*

It comes with tail, bunny ears, body, corset, sleeves, tie and hud tochange color of ears and body.


Skin     Glam Affair
Hair    LeLutka

Body, tail, tie, sleeves, ears     [Provocation]     Bunny Costume    New

Poses     nDisPose     Model Seduction

What good would wings be...

PhotoTonic is involved in the Fantasy Gacha Carnival(from 1st October) with two sets of poses in different theme: Hanging trees and Eternal Dreams. The Eternal Dreams set is composed by four single poses (commons) and three couple poses (rare).

  Eternal Dreams / Rare 2 

Eternal Drems  / rare 1

Also [The Forge] and Luas are involved in this amazing event. The Forge comes with a special headpiece; in the first photo i'm wearing the gold one, but you can win it in bronze, noir and moonfall. See the photo below to have a better idea of it*winks*

Finally, the skirt and collar are one rare set by Luas, called Redemption Jewels, this is in black but the other rares are in white and silver also. Every set included also upper arm bracelets.


... If you couldn't feel the wind on your face?