World's End Garden, always in my heart

Who live SL knows very well what kind of feeling comes when a place or something, that touched us, ends. As my usual, one hour ago, i turned on my pc and logged in Flickr, where i love to see works from many artists. I saw a photo and the description posted by Alles Klaar (you can see it here) telling that World's End Garden is closing on 18th October.

First thing i did? I got a tp to the sim, with the desire to see it for the last time; however, i've already found some of its beauty vanished, because it is dismanteled in part. 

World's End Garden is a beautiful place. Yes, i'm telling about it in present verbal form, because for me it will live forever. It is a magic place, created from the fantastic Lucia Genesis(her flickr stream here), an artist and, first of all, an elected soul, that has been able to convey in WEG all the sensitivity and passion she has inside. I felt emotions from the first time i arrived in World's End Garden; i'll be forever grateful to Lucia for creating this place, because i found in it part of my soul and lived there some beautiful moments of my SL.

Sadly, i have to say you that, if you will go to WEG before of 18th October, you couldn't find the real sim, but a little part of that it was. 

Goodbye World's End Garden, you'll live always in my heart.
Thank you so much Lucia, to make this possible.

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