So Fantasy Gacha Fair is started! One of the store involved is deviousMind , with a beautiful creation inspired by an ancient figure part of the indian mythology. This figure is the naga.

Naga is a deity or a class of entity of being, taking the form of a great snake, with part of the body in human form. There were lots of different type of naga, everyone was seeing as protector of something as the Manasa, that were indicated as the divinity to protect men form snake's bites.

Chandra Meehan, owner of deviousMind, made a beautiful work to create this look all inspired by the naga figure. The gacha machine are two and you can win the set with accessories, as the trident or eyes, and the set with the tail.

The accessories are the jewel belt, the trident, the beautiful crown, however there is also included a special addition for the mouth: a snake tongue. Every play costs 75L. The crown and sides fin are rares items.

The rare color are pearl and onyx, while others are all common colors.


Skin     Zoul Creations     Adriana / tone 1 with lips05 eyeshadow04

Hair     ( r )M    Hair No.13'13 ( c o o l B l o n d s )

Tiara,belt,pasties,eyes,tongue,fins,tail    !dM deviousMind  Lamia  JewelNaga  @ FGC

Trident     !dM deviousMind     NagaTrident    Carnelian @ FGC

Poses      *PosESion*     Default woman set

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