Song of your life

Hello! After a long break i'm slowly coming back. 
All things are coming back to normal after my moving (sadly wasn't a vacation lol) so probabily you will see change also the domain of my blog's address ( .it  to .de)

So this is my first post after all that, some news about great events.

Infiniti @ Rhapsody, a beautiful event dedicated to music by The Hottie Cooterati

Arise @ The Summer Fashion Fair, Manga Fair and The Summer Of Love Fair

Hair   [taketomi]

Top    .ARISE. Sumi Shirt @ Summer Fashion Festival

Skirt     .ARISE. Micro Skirt @ Summer of Love Fair

Ears    .ARISE. Manga Ears @ Manga Fair

Pose&prop   . Infiniti . - Put Your Records On - Pose/Prop Set   @ Rhapsody

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